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History Only — No Shopping Visits — Rated Excellent on Tripadvisor and Top Choice on Lonely Planet 2020 — Come , Visit and Discover Ephesus , Turkey.

Come, Visit and Discover Ephesus, Turkey-UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ephesus Tour Options — History Only — No Shopping Stops .

A cheerful Australian couple run this well-liked agency, whose reasonably priced tours focus exclusively on the sites, with zero stops at tourist-fleecing carpet factories.

Ephesus Tour — Lonely Planet Top Choice Tour
 Come, Visit and Discover Ephesus, Turkey — UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Ephesus Tour Options — History Only — No Shopping Stops.

If you normally shy away from…

Ephesus Tour Guide Only — Exactly what we wanted! — Review of No Frills Ephesus Tours
Ephesus Tour Guide Only — Exactly what we wanted! — Review of No Frills Ephesus Tours

No Frills Ephesus Tours delivered exactly what we wanted (at short notice!). We didn’t want a tour with a hotel collection, or lunch stops, or carpet factory visits. We just wanted a guide who could meet our group of four at the site and take us through Ephesus and give…

Beware the many tours to the site that effectively waste sightseeing time by including dull shopping stops. Note, too, that the site becomes hot in the afternoon in summer, so most tours visit in the morning, making the site especially crowded before noon. Whenever you visit, take a hat, water and sunscreen. No Frills Ephesus Tours offer half-day and longer excursions with no shopping.

Why go?
Two decades ago, Kusadasi was little more than a fishing village. Now it’s a busy port and tourist-oriented town of 50,000 people. …

Home of Ephesus — Selcuk, Turkey — No Frills Ephesus Tours

Where the Cayster (Kaystros) River empties into the Aegean Sea lays the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, nowadays gracing the Selçuk district of Izmir on Turkey’s western shores with its glorious presence and history that dates back a few millennia.

Thanks to its exceptionally fine climate and favorable location that…

Ephesus Archaeological Museum — Selcuk, Ephesus — Turkey

The Ephesus Archaeological Museum will remain closed until further notice. -
Thank you for your understanding.

Ephesus Opening Hours

Summer Period
1 April-1October | Opening: 08:00 | Closing: 19:00

Winter Period
1 October-1 April | Opening: 08:30 | Closing: 17:30

Closed Days
Open every day

Come, Visit and Discover Ephesus, Turkey — Unesco World Heritage Site.

Located within what was once the estuary of the River Kaystros, Ephesus comprises successive Hellenistic and Roman settlements founded on new locations, which followed the coastline as it retreated westward.

Excavations have revealed grand monuments of the Roman Imperial period including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Little remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” which drew pilgrims from all around the Mediterranean.

Since the 5th century, the House of the Virgin Mary, a domed cruciform chapel seven kilometres from Ephesus, became a major place of Christian pilgrimage.

The Ancient City of Ephesus is an outstanding example of a Roman port city, with sea channel and harbour basin.




No Frills Ephesus Tours

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